About the Artist
Syl Ojalla is a UK born artist residing in Hove, East Sussex. He is currently studying a Masters in Photography at the University of Brighton and due to graduate September 2020. He has over 15 years ecommerce experience in online fashion - specialising in web design, photography, branding and SEO.
Over the past several years he has been developing his fine art practice by creating photographic work exploring his interest in the actualisation of human potential. The work traverses themes such as sprituality, transcendence and the sublime. With a focus on collective growth Syl uses photography as a tool for introspection; to probe, question, and challenge our beliefs and perceptions about what may be possible. Working predominantly in large format analogue, his work takes inspiration mostly from philosophy, mind and nature. The working method is intuitive and driven by a desire for the sublime experience; that which takes us beyond ourselves visually and materially.

2013 Gallery at ICE (Windsor) - ‘It’s not all black and white’ Group Show
2014 Lemonade Gallery (Windsor) - ‘A New Europe’ Group Show
2015 Firestation Arts & Culture (Windsor) - Solo Show

2020 University of Brighton, MA Graduation Group Show 10th-20th July 2020
2020 Regency Townhouse (Brunswick Square, Hove), ‘Own’ Group Show 3rd-18th October 2020

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