“If you have lost touch with nature, then you will inevitably lose relationship with another. Nature is not just flowers, the lovely green lawn or the flowing waters in your little garden, but the whole earth with all the things on it” – J.Krishnamurti

Higher Realms
Exploring a realm beyond the physical, Higher Realms delves into a dimension that transcends corporeality. Emphasizing form, transcendence, and nature as its focal points, the project challenges conventional notions of the mind, physical existence, and human connections. It delves into the material essence of being, exploring its potentials, limitations, and shortcomings. The inquiry extends to whether we are drifting away from our true nature and purpose—a sense of interconnectedness. The work prompts reflection on the need for a return to something greater, something beyond the confines of the 'self.'
At its core, this endeavor is dedicated to the exploration of boundlessness, spiritual growth, transcendence, and paradigm shifts. It poses fundamental questions about how we can transcend, actualize, and unlock our highest personal and societal potentials—the realization of our inherent limitlessness.
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