A Sparrow Whispered In My Ear
Exhibition: ONCA Arts, Brighton 13th-26th April 2024 (https://onca.org.uk/event/a-sparrow-whispered-in-my-ear/)
A Sparrow Whispered In My Ear by artist Syl Ojalla is a gentle call to human audiences to remember their place within the delicate balance of biodiversity. Through a series of photographs exploring the intricacies of nature capturing the essence of living things such as trees, fauna and flora the exhibition hopes to inspire stewardship of the natural environment. 
Behind the work lies concern around issues of over-consumption, inequality and authoritative control of earthly resources. Syl Ojalla invokes the profound beauty of the natural world through an array of evocative and contemplative imagery to create dialogue around sustainable living and encourage the protection of fragile ecosystems. The exhibition visually refutes human separation from nature, reminding us that a deep appreciation for the beauty of biodiversity can be a source of inspiration to take individual and collective action that supports the flourishing of all different kinds of life. ​​​​​​​
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